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Perfect Legend Is A 4-Time World Fighting Game Champion


Carl ‘Perfect Legend’ White is a four-time world champion fighting games player who takes great pride in having played video games since he was just old enough to walk. Based in Toledo, Ohio, Perfect Legend began his competitive career in 2005 at local fighting game events ultimately earning his first major tournament win that same year. In 2006, Perfect Legend earned his first world championship in Dead or Alive 4. In the following years, Perfect Legend continued earning major titles, defending the United States abroad, and developing his reputation as one of the hardest working fighting game players the Midwest of the United States has to offer. Most notably, Perfect Legend is the only player in Mortal Kombat history to make the top 8 of every major event or world championship he’s entered, including every feature of the game at the Evolution Championship Series. With the release of Mortal Kombat X and its certain injection of lifeblood to the Mortal Kombat scene, thanks to the support of Team Razer, Perfect Legend is looking to make 2016 a very successful year at home and abroad.

  • Three Evolution World Championships

    DOA (2006) / Mortal Kombat 9 (2011/2012)

    Perfect Legend is a 3-time

  • WCG National & World Champion

    DOA (2007)

    World Cyber Games National And World Champion for Dead or Alive 4.

  • Numerous Local & Regional Wins

    Mortal Kombat / Injustice / DOA

    Carl has dominated the local and regional tournament scenes earning an uncountable amount of wins.

  • Empire Arcadia

    Contributed To The Most Winning Team In Esports History

    Perfect Legend was a marquee team member of Empire Arcadia

  • Team Victory Or Derp

    Perfect Legend Coached Team

    Carl coached Team Victory or Derp to 2nd place in the Leagues of Gaming eSports Competition

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Strategy Guide

    Writer / Editor

    Co-Authored Injustice: Gods Among Us Strategy Guide